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“I said what I meant, I meant what I said..”

Last year’s Presidential election saw a surge in political comments, cartoons, and rants in social media. Any hopes we “common folks” harbored that this would all go away after inauguration have been dashed. The President is a magnet for criticism and over analyzation.

Listening to the news this morning I heard a phrase that I must have read several hundred times when our daughter was young. She loved elephants after our trip to California in 1986. First there was the Dumbo ride with her Aunt B. Then a departing gift, a stuffed Dumbo became the favorite “security/comfort” night time must have.

It was probably a few years later that she brought home the required school library check out. It was

At the time she was not an independent reader and had merely chosen the book because there was an elephant on the cover. That night I dutifully read through the book and rediscovered the joys of Dr. Seuss. Then I read it again the next night, and the next and so on. Library day came one week later and she wanted to renew her selection. The teacher said that wasn’t the way this library worked and put the book in the return bin. She selected another book but left it at school in her locker. When I asked what we were reading at bedtime the darling little girl began to retell Horton in amazingly accurate recall. There was special emphasis on the phrase, “I said what I meant, and I meant what I said. An elephant is faithful one hundred percent!”

In the morning I told her to bring the library book home from school. After all I was a teacher! Well you guessed it no library book again that afternoon. I loaded her up in the car and said before we could go to the barn, (another whole book), we were going to the library to check out a book. She asked for Horton at the front desk and the librarian took her right to the shelf. checked the book out and off we went. We usually listened to the country station on the radio as we traveled to the barn but not today. There sat our little girl in the back of the car reading her book.

Eventually, I had to buy a personal copy. That was the long road to creating an independent book loving reader.

That is how the spokesperson’s comment, “He said what he meant, and meant what he said”, triggered a 25 year old memory for this Mom.

Dr. Seuss is alive and well in this technology crazed world.

GS Cookies

A quick flashback – I loved selling GS cookies in the 50’s and 60’s. Now fast forward to 1988 our daughter is now in scouts and things have changed.

So there I was carting 12 cases of assorted cookies into the house with help from the kids. I had no idea how I would help her sell this many cookies. Yes, the other leader had suggested sending her into the school to sell to my cohorts or we could sign up for times to set up in front of the commissary and PX. However, she forgot to mention that the prime times were already taken. What to do now that we had piled them up inside the door.

Oh, the telephone is ringing! Phones were not used in Germany because they were expensive, this is a story for another time. My immediate reaction was that the call was important but why? My husband had been “in the field” for about ten days and not expected back for two weeks. “In the field” is another story for another time.

I answered. The caller was a neighbor (they had 3 boys) wanting to know if he could pick up a few essentials for Hubby. Yes, would he mind picking up a few boxes of GS cookies too? “Sure, I’ll be by in about 30 minutes.”

Never in my wildest dreams was I expecting my salvation to come to the door that night. Did I mention that I had spent the day with 22 first graders, was sole parenting two, had meal prep, homework and classroom plans to complete before bed that night.
When the neighbor/angel came he took what I had packed for Hubby and then saw the cookies. “How many can I have?” Those were the sweetest words I’d heard in a long time! I said all and we jammed them into the jeep. Away he drove and I dashed back inside on wings.

The next day everyone asked about cookies and I just smiled. No sitting/standing outside the PX or Commissary for this lady. I know they wondered but mum was the word and to my amazement the kids didn’t think anything of it.

Two days before all the soldiers were expected back I received another call. Would it be possible to get more cookies? If you can leave them in Hubby’s office and we’ll take care of everything.

I talked with several teachers who also had Girl Scouts and they agreed to meet me with their cookies. Then I called our troop leader to ask if she had any extras. Yes, several moms had returned cookies because they lived on the economy like us and we couldn’t sell to German neighbors.
The next day after school we all met at the office and unloaded at least 20 more cases. It wasn’t until Hubby returned after supervising the detraining of the equipment (tanks, jeeps, trucks, and men) all night that I knew for certain we had sold all of those cookies. I should say he and other soldiers had sold cookies for the Girl Scouts!!!

To be continued…

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

When I think of my almost thirty year association with Girl Scouts, cookie time has to be in the top three. I sold cookies as a six year old Brownie. We trudged through snow and cold weather in our home town. There was a competition for the top sales girl and I actually won once. My best friend won several times until I broke her leg when we were 11 and then we both sort of left that phase behind. However, we continued to be Girl Scouts.

The cost per box was fifty cents and I only recall 3 or 4 varieties. Back then Thin Mints was our best seller. As I said we went door to door selling and went back to our leaders house or weekly meeting location to pick up new supplies. One of my brothers suggested selling at the hospital during visiting hours. What a gold mine!! The hospital was across the street and we were allowed to stand inside the main entrance. That was the best move because as I said we lived on the Canadian border.

Another memory that always pops up this time of year is when our daughter sold cookies in Germany. My husband was in the Army and our daughter was a Daisy. Daisy is a rank below Brownie and I was in a German apartment when her leader announced,

The next surprise occurred about a week later when another Girl Scout leader came to my classroom at lunch time and asked if I could handle deliver of “our” cookies. Sure I said I’ll keep them in my locked drawer until after school. My first clue that I had no clue was when she laughed right in my face. After she recovered she asked where my car was parked. Later that day as I drove home with the kids and TWELVE cases of cookies I think she knew our car was the wagon outside in the teacher lot! Yes, we had twelve cases or 144 boxes of cookies to sell in three weeks.

To be continued…

Restaurant Week

This year I was determined to visit at least four of the dozens of offerings. I met my goal.

Some of the trends I noted on the menus:
Pricier venues offered seafood and lobster bisque was a favorite.
Brussel sprouts dominated. I managed to avoid them except for two in an amazing pork pasta dish.
Desserts were always fabulous! Licked the creme brûlée dish clean one night.
I have been drinking only white wine this month and found wonderful selections. Beer only once.

The week brought a few more pounds and some tighter fitting clothes. It was worth it!

And now I’m off to exercise!


Skipped a Thursday but I am determined to blog today.

A gentle snow is drifting down on a very cold landscape. I’m feeling snug inside sewing, simmering spaghetti sauce for dinner and listening to an audio book. It’s a good feeling.

Since winter’s return I’ve been thankful for growing up where winters were long, cold, and snowy. I feel prepared for and almost welcome the solitude that comes with a blanket of snow. Along with the snow comes a thankful feeling that I am able to cope and keep myself entertained.

Thanks Mother Nature.


Blogs are coming soon! Be sure to check back to see what exciting things I have in store for you!