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Skipped a Thursday but I am determined to blog today.

A gentle snow is drifting down on a very cold landscape. I’m feeling snug inside sewing, simmering spaghetti sauce for dinner and listening to an audio book. It’s a good feeling.

Since winter’s return I’ve been thankful for growing up where winters were long, cold, and snowy. I feel prepared for and almost welcome the solitude that comes with a blanket of snow. Along with the snow comes a thankful feeling that I am able to cope and keep myself entertained.

Thanks Mother Nature.

Thankful Thursday

Thursday’s Thirteen is changing to Thankful Thursday.

Just last week I was finally able to start reading December’s Reader’s Digest. An article entitled “Why Holidays are Healthier than You Think” caught my eye. The fourth point was – writing holiday cards can promote gratitude. The author quoted a study which found people who jotted down what they were thankful for each week felt more optimistic about their lives, exercised more, and even had fewer visits to physicians.

The exercise point really grabbed my attention. Four years ago a good friend and fellow retiree agreed with me that we needed to walk several days each week. The walks started when school reopened. What started out as three days soon turned to five. I enjoy the walks and two other ladies have joined.

The talk walk covers many topics during the week from our weather to Washington. Books, television programs, recipes and stories of spouses, children and now Grands are shared. The neighborhood always offers seasonal sights. As retired teachers we have also taken field trips, two were offered by my library. Occasionally we have visited the local IHOP for a decadent breakfast.

Birthday sundae after jelly donut pancakes

Birthday sundae after jelly donut pancakes

I am thankful for my fellow walkers. We always have great time. For that I am thankful.