I recently learned that two of the local newspapers had closed shop after trying to boost delivery and cut costs for several years. The papers had been around for close to 50 years but just couldn’t compete with the news 24/7 of this new era. Yes, they served small communities with few local small town businesses but I know they are missed.

My relationship with newspapers dates back to my Grandparents. My Father’s family lived off the news. His parents began a news distribution business in rural upstate New York. They met the trains each morning and then delivered papers throughout our largely rural county on the Canadian border. The business grew as they branched out to distribute paperback books, magazines, comic books and other periodicals. The four colleges and many high schools relied on them for all types of print materials.

I came to believe that my Father had the largest newspaper route in the world!

It was wonderful to have comic books and magazines at your finger tips. We all read the newspapers even if it was just the funnies. Remember, this was a very rural area in upstate New York and television was not our go to entertainment. I still read a major newspaper every day even though it often contains old news. I love doing the Sudoku, Jumble, Word Game, Lexigo, and the Daily Commuter Puzzle.

Trying to keep the ole brain sharp!!

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