It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

When I think of my almost thirty year association with Girl Scouts, cookie time has to be in the top three. I sold cookies as a six year old Brownie. We trudged through snow and cold weather in our home town. There was a competition for the top sales girl and I actually won once. My best friend won several times until I broke her leg when we were 11 and then we both sort of left that phase behind. However, we continued to be Girl Scouts.

The cost per box was fifty cents and I only recall 3 or 4 varieties. Back then Thin Mints was our best seller. As I said we went door to door selling and went back to our leaders house or weekly meeting location to pick up new supplies. One of my brothers suggested selling at the hospital during visiting hours. What a gold mine!! The hospital was across the street and we were allowed to stand inside the main entrance. That was the best move because as I said we lived on the Canadian border.

Another memory that always pops up this time of year is when our daughter sold cookies in Germany. My husband was in the Army and our daughter was a Daisy. Daisy is a rank below Brownie and I was in a German apartment when her leader announced,

The next surprise occurred about a week later when another Girl Scout leader came to my classroom at lunch time and asked if I could handle deliver of “our” cookies. Sure I said I’ll keep them in my locked drawer until after school. My first clue that I had no clue was when she laughed right in my face. After she recovered she asked where my car was parked. Later that day as I drove home with the kids and TWELVE cases of cookies I think she knew our car was the wagon outside in the teacher lot! Yes, we had twelve cases or 144 boxes of cookies to sell in three weeks.

To be continued…

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