Frog Friday

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I just spent the last week de-Christmasing the house. Of course that meant taking down the Frog Tree. As I was carefully replacing the various Frog ornaments in their boxes and wrappings I begin writing my first Frog Friday post in my mind. Each ornament brought back fun memories and then I had that aha moment. Write about the Frog Tree!

I picked up the camera and began taking photos.
The colorful angel Frog you see above has been placed at the top of the Frog Tree for almost twenty years. The first Frog Tree was a scrawny four foot affair that has now grown into a five footer with many branches. Over the years many friends have suggested we just leave the tree up year round but then I think of the joy/memories I have as I put it up in early December and take it down in early January. In the beginning the Frog ornaments came from my husband and children. These Frogs were lovingly placed on our main tree until they became so numerous we decided to do a Frog Tree. Each Frog carries a wonderful story; there are Frog ornaments from my Mom (a flying angel), sisters, nephews (Cub Scout sewing badge), nieces, sister in laws, students (Frog holding chalkboard), and many from dear friends (Nancy made two in ceramics class). In addition to the ornaments we have Christmas themed Frogs under the tree on top of a red fleece blanket decorated with Frogs, my sister made this one summer while we were visiting. There is also a growing collection of Frog statues on the sideboard. These Frog statues show Frogs as Santa in a sleigh, building a snowman, carrying presents, and even decorating a tree

Ready to be packed away.

Ready to be packed away.

This is just a few of the Frog ornaments pre packing.

By now you are wondering, “Why Frogs?” The answer will be revealed in the next Frog Friday.

Hoppy Frog Friday!

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