Thursday’s Thirteen – An Explanation

For some time now I have thought of 13 as “my number” and have decided to dedicate any posts I write on Thursday to 13. Hopefully, I’ll be able to connect any Thursday post’s with 13.

Here are some of the connections I have found in my life with 13;

Birth year digits = 13
I am one of 13 children
High school graduation year digits = 13
Best friend born on 13th of the month
Married year digits = 13
Significant medical problem year digits = 13
Favorite bakery always gave a bakers’ dozen (13) highlights
First and last names contain 13 letters
The 13th letter of the alphabet is my favorite
Favorite candy has 13 letters on wrapper (maker+name)

We are waiting for our first big winter storm in two years.
Stay safe everyone.

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